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Before buying firebricks, also known as refractory brick, do you know what it is and what its uses are in residential, commercial and industrial applications? Take a moment to know what firebrick is and how it can be useful in the industry you are in.

Like others, you may be looking for firebrick. This block of refractory material consists of nonmetallic minerals used in lining kilns, ovens, furnaces, fireplaces and fireboxes. Firebrick is built to withstand high temperatures and has low thermal conductivity.

The primary raw materials used to make firebrick includes fireclay, hydrated aluminum silicates, sources of silica such as sand and quartzite, minerals having high aluminum content including bauxite, kyanite and diaspore, magnesia minerals, chromite, carbon and vermiculite mica.

About Firebrick

Firebrick is a rectangular block molded out of clay, which is baked and treated to withstand heat. Refractory operations such as furnace lining and constructing fireplaces are some of the many uses of firebricks. Refractory bricks can sustain excessive heat without melting or fusion. Firebrick usually contains of silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide. The process involved in producing firebrick is baking in high temperature to achieve a vitrified ceramic product.

The heavy, dense firebricks are formed with fire clay that contain mostly a suitable mixture of alumina and silica. This type of materials that are commonly used in residential, industrial and commercial furnace functions can last for long period. Many who buy firebrick for industrial use may require certain properties such as porosity or thermal conductivity that needs to meet particular specifications. The properties of firebrick can be adjusted by adjusting or adding the volume of refractory materials.

Customary dense clay firebricks can absorb and retain the heat at the same time. The lightweight, insulating firebrick possesses low thermal conductivity and has less ability to absorbing heat.  These products are softer and integrate air pockets, which show insulating properties. The insulating firebricks retain refractory properties and are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. These types of firebricks are used widely in kilns fired by electricity or gas.

Where to Buy Fire Brick

Refractory products such as firebricks, which our company offers for sale, can be bought in a wide selection of fire brick sizes and fire brick dimensions.

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For example, the precast types of firebrick for sale are produced for use in ferrous and nonferrous metal shops. The iron, steel and aluminum industries use such refractory materials in producing metal products. Other products such as castable brick can be sprayed and pumped for various operations that require thermal properties.

Refractory and firebrick mortar are used to join firebrick together. Regular Portland cement mortar can be used also, but firebrick cement is preferred because it can withstand extreme temperatures. In recent years, the use of firebrick mortar in factories is a widely accepted standard because it is easier to use, safe and readily available; it also meets every local as well as national building codes. There are two types of firebrick mortar that conform to the code: the non-water soluble and the premixed firebrick mortar.

Firebrick Mortar

The non-water soluble type of fire brick mortar is a mixture of aggregates and binders, which are high temperature resistant. This product is considered as the best all around firebrick mortar used in the construction of fireplace and chimney. It is also preferred when installing high temperature resistant components for masonry ovens. On the other hand, the premixed type of firebrick mortar is a mixture of clay and aggregates, using liquid silicate as binder. It is preferred because it is premixed and ready to use after stirring.  Since the firebrick is laid in place quickly, the installation is fast. After the firebrick is set, it would take much effort to dislodge it and the fast drying fire brick mortar will not compromise its strength.

Firebrick Cement

If you are working with firebricks, you may have already known the relevance of fire brick cement. The use of firebrick cement is not the same as with the firebrick mortar. Firebrick cement is used to chink gaps between firebricks and without a mortar joint, and only small amounts should be used. Traditionally, the mortar is used to bind masonry units together, but only firebrick cement can ensure a solid face. The pre-mixed fire brick cement has bonding adhesion.

The firebrick for sale along with firebrick mortar and firebrick cement are comprehensive and indispensable refractory products. Manufacturers of steel and aluminum need dense firebrick products. The kilns used in firing and drying many ceramic and clay products are chambers that are thermally insulated with firebrick. From the oven used to bake pizza to fireplaces at homes, even the thermal shield of the space shuttle uses firebrick.

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Just to recap our fire brick supplies that are available

Standard Firebrick
SKU: FBK – for furnace constructions and installations, you need a fire brick with excellent quality. This is a standard fire brick with 12” x 6” x 12” dimensions.

Standard Firebrick Pallet
SKU: FBK – PLT – for furnace constructions and installations, you need a fire brick with excellent quality. This is a standard fire brick with 12” x 6” x 12” dimensions.  One pallet contains 336 bricks.

Small Firebrick
SKU: FBK – SM – efficient and great-looking furnaces need an efficient fire brick as well. This is a great fire brick with 9” x 4.5” x 1.25” dimensions.

Small Firebrick Pallet
SKU: FBK – SM – PLT – efficient and great-looking furnaces need an efficient fire brick as well. This is a great fire brick with 9” x 4.5” x 1.25” dimensions.  One pallet contains 1,024 bricks.

Firebrick High Temp Cement Bucket
SKU: FBK – CMNT – BCKT – this high temperature cement fire brick is suitable for residential and commercial installations.

Firebrick High Temp Cement Can
SKU: FBK – CMNT – CAN – this high temperature cement fire brick is your best choice for residential and commercial installations.