Air Handlers

AH060 – the Air Handler AH060 is a heating and cooling system in one. It comes with multi-speed options, a durable filter and a filter rack. This is  a heat exchanger that will allow you to save on your water heating bills! The AH060 has a stainless steel body that will resist corrosion.

AH110 – the AH110 will efficiently provide you with years of hot water service with its efficient heat exchanger system. It has multi-speed options, a durable filter and filter rack. With a stainless steel external casing that will last for years.

AH135 – the AH135 may be smaller than other members of the air handler family but it works as hard as its siblings. It has multi-speed options, a reliable filter and filter rack and is encased in a stainless steel case.

AH150 – the AH150 may be your heating solution for a moderately-sized home. It has simple controls with easy and efficient filter and filter rack systems. Outer cover is made from strong stainless steel.

AH170 – just like its siblings the AH170 air handler will provide you with years upon years of reliable service. This air handler has a white stainless steel casing which resist corrosion.

AH220 – the AH220 performs well in all conditions and will provide you and your family huge savings while keeping you comfortable with years upon years of uninterrupted hot water supply. It may be adjusted accordingly with its multi-speed options and has a reliable filter along with a filter rack. The unit has a white stainless steel cover that will resist corrosion.