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Welcome to JaBar Supply Company!

Here is some information about us:

Who we are

Founded in 2014, based on the need for a company with better quality and better delivery service. We are working to provide the entire World, with quality hardware and supplies, including parts, fittings, pumps, pex pipe, and any other item needed for soft coal and wood burning outside appliances, while becoming America's "Premier Leader in Quality and Performance."

Mission statement

Shared values have played a key role in the formation of JaBar Supply Company. At the heart of these values lies the desire to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, striving to be honest, ethical, credible and moral in all of our business affairs. A strong level of commitment to our customers, employees and to our community is also paramount to our company success.

Our goal

We shall consistently strive to overcome any difficulties in the course of fulfilling our obligations. We make every effort to ensure accountability in the workplace by accepting responsibility for all of our actions, both with our customers and vendors, as well as our community.

Featured Products

Here are some of our most popular products for sale!


16 x 16 Water to Air Heat Exchanger

98,465 BTU/1000 CFM

16 1/4″ X 18″ X 3 1/2″ Outside Dimensions (not including manifold)

12 Fins Per Inch, 3 Rows of 3/8″ Tubes, Ports are on the side of the first number in the dimension size

Manifold Inlet & Outlet 1″ Sweat, BTU rating is at 65EAT, 180EWT, 10GPM – (CFM varies)



Fire Brick

12″ X 6″ X 2″ dimensions

Now offered for FREE, just pay shipping!



Small Fire Brick

9″ X 4.5″ X 1.25″ dimensions





BN39-20-CRTG Replacement Cartridge

Replacement cartridge for BN39-20



BN39-20 Broeder Pump

Med. flow – high speed, 3 speed

0-20 US gpm, 0-39ft

We are an outdoor furnace supply for all major manufacturers. This includes Nature's Comfort, Central Boiler, WoodMaster, HeatMor, Hardy, Taylor, Dayton, Aquatherm, Mahoning, Crown Royal, Portage and Main and all others!